Connecting Shoppers with Smart App Technology

 76% of shoppers entering stores now own a smart phone and increase from 47% in 2012. With wholesale stores ever increasing in size and stock levels Boyall Graphics & Print is keeping a close on on smart app technology. Why you may ask is a printer keeping an eye on this? There will always be large format print and aisle navigation but technology holds some vital information that could aid cash and carry depots up and down the U.K. to how shoppers navigate within the store.

• They can plan there visit before they arrive on site as to what products are in which aisle.
• Similar to google maps they can follow the live view dot to each aisle category saving time.
• Product offers could be loaded as a mini pop up's when passing by aisle ends and bays
• Measure the success of a promotion also known as heat mapping.
• Useful other services like toilet's and Customer service locations can be displayed.
• Length of time spent in the store and key areas identified.
• Engages a younger audience and encourages others to try it.
• Repeated visits would lead to key information relating to products and store layout improvements
  for depot managers to maximise sales. 

How would it work?
 With detailed maps of every store there is the potential to create and interface, algorithm, and database which would allow the user to view a store map and input a product that could be viewed respectively. The algorithm aids in creating and optimising the path to be taken around the store. It would work like a shopping list in finding the best or most economical route. Boyall Graphics & Print Ltd strives to offer more than just printing solutions when there is technology that has a very good reason to fill a need. Smart App technology we believe is great way for stores too move with the times and help grow the wholesale market and make it a richer experience for all.

The brands are already using app technology for specific products also known as beacon technology, which drives offers and promotions to smart phones via bluetooth.


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