Bestway Tottenham launch new depot with category management.

new tottenham wholesale depot wholesale print by boyall graphics

  Bestway Wholesale has launched a brand new 67,000 sq ft Tottenham store increasing space for dedicated categories for alcohol, frozen food, chilled, world foods and hbb category (for the own label lines). Boyall Graphics & Print Ltd has been intrinsically involved from the beginning to design and install all the graphics across the store.
  The challenge was to provide category management on every level for a greater and smoother experience in finding and locating what the retailers need. Its a major moment in bestways future as its to be rolled out across all stores in the coming months and years. That means everyone is looking at the Tottenham depot as it sets new standards in what can be achieved.
   At Boyall Graphics & Print we give attention to every area. For example, end of aisle towers are a big part of the major brands defining what is on offer but the retailer has to engage to another level by travelling down the aisles for more in depth products. What the retailer doesn't want to do is travel down an ever increasing aisle only to find that his product either isn't there of is in another aisle! This is were the category management really kicks in by not just defining an entire aisle but defining what is in every bay within the aisle. It was the world foods category in 2015 that really highlighted the potential. With so many ethnic and far east spices from so many countries it needed category management and a strong brand colour to get retailers to the right bay within the aisle with ease. 

Since World Foods launched in 2015 (left), Bestway Tottenham is the first to pilot catergory management across the entire store for every aisle (right)

category management wholesale food depot
Richard Booth said  "We have really gone to town with the new Tottenham depot from a category perspective"    

At Boyall's we tested and developed not only the hardware design but also the positions and height of aisle banners and aisle fins to achieve quick identification. This means you can stand with your trolley at either end of an aisle and quickly see if your product is within that aisle without wasting a journey. Having this across an entire store creates a better experience and a more efficient navigation.
   Its not only the physical design layout of what goes where but how the space is used. For example, fork lifts play a key role within depots to load and unload pallets onto the racking, the aisle fins needed to allow some movement from side to side allowing the forklift to make contact without damaging or removing the fin completely. So not just the print but also the design,materials and fixings needed to be carefully thought about to achieve expectations as well as meet financial budgets.
  As current holders of the federation of wholesale Depot Team of the Year award general manager Ghufran Ashraf added.

"The new depot not only looks fantastic but customers have more space, with till and cash-points being more accessible. SInce we opened the doors mid April, the responce from customers has been phenomenal"
  Boyall Graphics & Print have been branding wholesale markets for the past 15 years. From design, print, hardware and installation everything from aisle fins to complete site redevelopment can be achieved .  

  We are a focused, flexible and professional team with an understanding that only comes from years of experience dealing with a diversity of customers and challenges.( see our custom made towers for tottenham ) Our core values make us the natural choice for those who want to develop and establish their brand in tried and tested as well as new and innovative ways. With our in-house studio and printing facilities we are close enough to make sure quality is never comprised. Boyall Graphics is a truly 360° solution. Learn more  


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