Much more is needed than just large format print...

    Boyall Graphics & Print Ltd have been working very closely with Bestway Batleys Group to design, print and install graphics for the new Tottenham cash and carry depot soon to be launched. Like all new construction projects issues arise and hurdles have to be over come to achieve deadlines especially when combining so many trades. The expression "one size fits all" doesnt exist in Wholesale and the same applys to hardware branding of aisles. Tottenham is no exception as some of the aisle end towers had structural columns dissect right through the aisle tower ends. Some would argue that the easy solution is to leave the steel columns on display and therefore obstruct the graphics. This is a "Thats Good Enough" approach. We dont work like that...
    The more professional approach at Boyall Graphics is to use 3D visuals created from our engineering partner to design and install graphics that incapsulate the steel column so each brand could advertise without loss of advertising space. It may mean more panels more print and fabrication for fixings but advertising space is prime and when the brands visit they need to see that the brand is maximised. Depot managers also need to see that everything is being done to achieve continuity and value across the entire depot. Its times like these that Boyall Graphics & Print find ourselves liasing between different parties to make sure we remain on target despite structural surprises that effect more than just the print. 

large format graphic installation in cash and carry depot

Above: One of several steel columns that could'nt be avoided highlighted in red, new fixings methods, material specs all had to be created on the fly to produce the finished result on the right.

Below: Good communication is vital and a big thank you is handed out to the likes of Bestway Batleys, engineering partners and of coarse our dedicated installation team which makes a project like this all come together. 

large format print on foamex installation by dedicated fitting team

  The Bestway Tottenham store is opening soon with a full press release posted soon. Learn more about Boyall Graphics & Print Ltd and the services we provide.



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