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construction hoarding printed foamex

Holland Build's latest project the redevelopment of the St Edmunds hospital project in Northampton. With a strong brand design the printed construction hoarding needed to present the company with impact but remain fluid in its presentation. Much time was spent matching the custom red and the hoarding to achieve this. Cleverly the majority of the hoarding was decorated in custom red whilst the digital print onto the foamex was erected on the top of the hoarding for great visibility and long term durability. Its a good example of balancing costs for the client as the digital print is actually a very low surface area expanse whilst the hoarding itself takes on the main branded area in the custom red.

print onto foamex board northampton
Foamex Board - For a more delicate effect, a floral interior design wall display a is printed direct to surface .

Printing direct to the surface of all materials like foamex without the need for lamination of graphics saves money and time. The Polytype Virtu RS3.5m Flatbed printer is now one of the most versatile commercial printers available. However just owning a large format printer isn't enough. We believe in providing a service based on understanding our clients goals and objectives right through to the finished application or install. This breeds a strong business, based on customer relationships as well as a finished product.
Key stages of conception to finished product are....

1. Planning  from conception. Ensuring a thorough understanding of your objectives, budget and deadlines.  
2. Tried and tested in-house design. Artwork and product production, ensures complete control of quality and deadline achievement.
3. Project management. Our experienced Project Management team know-how is key to achieving all goals from project commencement to installation.
4. Amendments. Being able to help solve clients unexpected design changes and remain on time and within budget.
5. Customer support. We ensure timely delivery of KPI's and Work in Progress Assessments keeping you fully involved throughout the life of the project.

Foamex Boards - In the commercial sector Bestway Tottenham depot are proving their versatility and marketing power on every aisle end using foamex with the big brands.

large format print onto foamex boards for the big brand advertising

With a fine cell structure and consistent silky smooth surface foamex optimises print quality and clarity. The image is printed direct onto the foamex board surface and is ready to display, no lamination involved and is dry to touch having been cured at the same time as its printed. Extensive research into the pigmentation of bright white foamex optimises the reproduction of colour's meaning its ideal for either vector graphics or photographic imagery and pantone colour matching.
Depending on the nature of your print, foamex sheets can be typically ordered in as large as 3050mm x 1220, we then cnc cut the foamex to your finished size ready for printing. The majority of the print is edge to edge, no bleed or trim but printed exactly to size which is favoured among clients as it requires no finishing. Clients do request us to split the artwork across multiple boards for them to create a seamless image called tiling. One image can span as many as 4,5,6 foamex boards popular with exhibitions or even private projects for the home. A great benefit is the in house ability to cnc or cut the foamex out to any size or to an intricate cut path, this can be done pre or post print. Many clients may require just a simple square or oblong profile but more can be achieved if needed. This city skyline for example was removed from the sky to create a standoff effect from the background after it was printed.
Typically 3mm foamex is most popular but depending on application 5mm and 10mm is also good for extra rigidity especially if the foamex is being applied outside such as a construction site health and safety board

advertising print onto  foamex boards
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Addional Large Format Sectors

Window Graphics.

Self Adhesive window graphics have long been a successful advertising format for the high street. Its now filtering down to markets such as Gym's and Offices as it improve's the atmosphere and creates a strong brand in the location. Our extensive colour matching process ensures each image matches the Chromalin's supplied across each of the chosen print medias used. We want the work to speak for itself, creating a very strong presence in the location. We design print and install the graphics for all of our customers working closely with their VM teams ensuring a seamless transition from one theme to another. As images can be seasonal graphics are easy to change and fitted around opening hours to accommodate your needs.

window graphics frosted

Dance studio - Northampton.

Wholesale Display Print.
Working with big brands in the food wholesale industry we design and  develope end of aisle displays with each brand. This is much more than just the print as every requirement is bespoke to each project. Preparation in the early stages of not only artwork but , hardware manufacturing, installation design, time management and promotional deadlines, liaising with design agencies and the depot managers. We maximize and enhance our client's product brand visibility through innovative presentation and positioning supported by display material such as foamex, which is best suited to the large expanse of the wholesale trading environment. To really enhance your brand in a wholesale commercial environment please read more here.
More on cash and carry wholesale print

Display Panels for Exhibitions
We work closely with exhibition companies to producing large format print for portable exhibition panels, pop up banner stands, modular display stands, roller banner stands, vinyl banner stands. Also popular for exhibitions are printing direct onto foamex panels. Pre cut and printed edge to edge, the main graphic is divided up onto foamex boards and then installed on site to form one seamless exhibition backdrop. Being printed direct to materials such as foamex boards their is no need for lamination of print graphics which enables faster turn around time for our customers and a lower cost. Always trying to find the most economical and cost effective way to produce a project from artwork stage to printing large format graphics. Our digital print is cut to size by hand or by cnc cutting ready to be installed into your hardware. Refurbishing existing exhibition hardware with our print is another economical alternative in this climate proving popular.

Construction Signage
Large print for construction hoardings and directional signs for building contractors is also proving popular. Many incorporate the company logo within the design for strong brand awareness and for helping different trades men to the right locations in built up areas. Health and safety logo's can also be incorporated within the designs onto one complete foamex board, mitigating the need for lots of boards to install on site. All foamex signs are bespoke sized for each construction project depending on the site hoardings and surrounding environment. In respecting local residents, speciality signs are sometimes needed for parking / deliveries to be non intrusive. A typical foamex board is 1200mm 800mm x 5mm deep for extra strength and rigidity.

Concerned about colour? Having pantone specific charts the flatbed printer will recognise any of these colour's we assign from the adobe design software. For more on colour.

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