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About the award winning process This is an award winning process allowing a custom design onto a hard hat, raising the bar as to what can be achieved. Commonly pad printing is a very limited process only allowing for a few colours to be printed onto the front flat surface of the hat. These custom hard hats allow 100% coverage over the entire hat using vector artwork or photographic images, this opens massive design potential rather than just a small area on the front of the hat. The design is fully protected beneath the surface of the helmet which means it cannot be damaged like pad printing direct to the surface itself. An added advantage is increased safety of the hat which exceeds british standards for a longer lasting hat. Read the press release here on this award winning design
Artwork Submission If you have corporate letter heads or business cards then you should be able to obtain these and email/post to us. This provides us with an accurate starting point to create the artwork for the hat design. If your design ideas are within your website then your website provider should be able to forward on full resolution logos and text also. If your design is of a more complex nature then feel free to to speak to us and arrange a design with you
Helmet type used Centurian Safety Helmet 52-62cm with fabric and padded harness. HDPE Shell
Ink Type Digital print process
Applications Construction contractors, sub contractors, architects, promotional events, launch of construction materials and hardware, exhibition events, grand opening of public buildings, hand over events and such like. You could also design your own hat tailored to you for submission / quote.
Why choose this print method?
  • Short turn around
  • Prints a backup white channel
  • Recognizes pantone colours
  • Selective print for illumination
  • Vacuum formed post print
  • Good on low volume unlike some offset printers
  • Need just black ink or two colours? you can choose which colours print
  • Variable data printing with text and images without slowing down or stopping press.
  • Print area SR A3 308x437
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