High Precision CNC routing of digitally printed panels.

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At Boyall Graphics & Print Ltd we print directly to the surface of the foamex and post or pre cut the material to suit the artwork design on our dedicated cnc routing in house. No profile is to complicated as we have done a variety of print and cnc profiling for many different arena's. With a dedicated artwork studio we can create or process your files and make changes on the fly in house.

CNC routing of Foamex is the most popular substrate for digital print amongst our clients. Below foamex is being post cut from a 8x4 sheet into a finished size for latest promotional display's for office wall display with stand off's. Multiple lay up maximises the sheet yield with bleed we cut into the print for a crisp edge. Profile's can be supplied within artwork or we can be created. Internal signage favours this method for it's production speed and ability to fabricate special cut paths for each installation. Not many materials retain their strength as well as being cost effective to purchase. Our fitting guys like this material as it's lightweight properties mean it is easy to install and take down for new promotions. Foamex can be ordered to arrive next day ready to be printed.

cnc cutting out foamex sheet 8x4

New York Skyline on Foamex
; More detailed cut paths for displaying in museums and visitor centres shows that virtually any path is possible.

digital print on foamex cut foamex out

 foamex cut and display   

Classic Dispense Courtyard Sign.
Wanting a high end finish to their fully working pub with a sign that reflected the company image whilst retaining a country pub feel. It needed to have a metal style finish that could be seen through the design and that was easy to erect. To achieve this we designed a sign that was digitally printed on our virtu then CNC fabricated to include fixings routed into the design post digital print. This reduced costs and provided an easy fixing solution that also looked really good. Brushed composite dibond was printed direct to surface allowing the main letters to have no colour leaving the natural brass effect of the material to show through. A box section was CNC routed at the rear and folded to reveal fixing holes pre-drilled.  

fabrication of external signage     digital print on metal  

sign fabrication     

Holland Build Construction;
updated their premises requiring a new signage. Using their existing logo they wanted more presence from a sign that was too small and not visible from a distance. With a high end specialist client base in construction the sign needed to look and follow their heritage. Using brushed aluminium dibond, the letters were CNC routed and applied using standoff's to give a drop shadow to enhance at all viewing angles.

dibond letters signage    dibond letters cut

Admonter Flooring S Shaped Engineered Floor for London Based Architects, a high end European manufacturer of wooden flooring, approached us with an unusual request for a curved floor.
   The house where the flooring was to be installed had a distinct 'S' shaped curve along the length of the building. The project required a corresponding curve on every board. There were 33 rows with a total of over 750 individual curved boards to be CNC machined, all requiring a different degree of curvature! This presented the manufacturer with an interesting challenge and hence we were approached as precision CNC specialists. From the architect's drawings, we had to take the curvature of the building and project it back to its point of origin, from there we could calculate the specific curvature of each row of flooring, much like the rings of a tree. CAD software enabled us to produce a blueprint for the entire building totaling 76 bespoke CNC programs.
  As the boards were delivered to us, we re-machined them according to the CAD file we had created. All the boards were then numbered and packed thus making for a straight forward installation. Our customer was impressed with the precision with which the boards were supplied and their installation went ahead as planned and according to schedule.

engineered cnc wood floor     engineered cnc flooring
Preparation of over 750 individual untreated boards.                                   Fully treated the 'S' Shape flows throughout

Why choose us? Having a CNC router in house to cut digital print expands the service to our customers with faster turn around times. High quality and low cost of routing means we can eliminate time consuming de burring and sanding when it comes to metals and plastic cut profile. External signs for the high street are printed on the polytype flat bed and routed within minutes of being printed. Internal signage kits are popular with food and beverage aisle displays, on site shop fitters can collect for every specified location being organised and packed for them.

Often digitally printed direct to the surface they are post cut to your specific profile. Foamex sheets are fast becoming the main substrate on the large format print bed. Using one of the UK's largest foamex suppliers nearby, we can produce stunning digital prints with short lead times essential for our exhibition clients. Having this facility in house means we can quickly turn around a complete job from artwork and design, to print and cut, all under one roof. Our accuracy and repeat run success is due to our ability to translate your auto cad dwg, dxf, eps, ai into production files. Our experience with various plastics is combined with our tool geometry using to achieve a high finish. The tooling offers tight tolerances in cnc cutting to enable easy assembly of components at the production stage. For example, a large foamex sign with digital print often needs to be cut to fit signage frames to exact tolerances.

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Holland building dibondcut cut repsol foamex cut cnc into box cut printed pvc

Cut Bed Area 3m x 1.5m
Media Types Foamex,dibond,repsol acrylic,nylon, wood, polycarbonate,self adhesive vinyl's.
Media Cut Depth Up to 150mm, multiple cuts.
Cut Speeds Up to 30linear meters a minute
Applications Point of sale, exterior building signs, interior design, counter tops, window graphics,vending graphic fronts, machine control panels,food and drink display

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